Automatic data transfer - Fast! Secure!

Do you want automatic data transfer for your next clinical research project? Try SPEDA.


SPEDA gives you faster research for fewer resources with automatic data transfer


Automatic data transfer from electronic health records to your research platform


Data can be transferred real-time and several times a day


Fewer people will need access to the health records upgrading compliance with data regulations


SPEDA is a MedTech start-up company based in Copenhagen. We work to optimize data infrastructure and data handling in scientific clinical research, contributing to more and better research.

When doing clinical research we need data from electronic health records. These systems rarely talk with other programs, which so far has meant that data had to be moved manually from electronic health records to the research platform – a slow and expensive process with large risk of human errors. Fortunately, clinical researchers can now eliminate old-school manual copy-paste work and replace it with smart automatic data transfer.

SPEDA makes health data available, by developing software for automatic, secure and precise data transfer from electronic health records to research data platforms. SPEDA specialize in developing IT-solutions for EPIC hyperspace records.

Our vision

SPEDA wants to build a platform consisting of a large number of modules containing different data points. Then when starting a research project, the researchers can hand pick modules containing data points fitting the data needed in their specific research project. After picking the right modules the data will then transfer automatically into the research platform real-time and as long as the research project goes on.